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About Us

Founded in 1982, we offer hundreds of products and services that empower our customers to be educated about their technology and confident in their IT decisions.

We are committed to everything technology related and customer satisfaction.

We have expertise in:

  • Networking - Home Office & Business
  • PC / Apple Support & Installation
  • Hard Drive Back Up
  • Data Recovery
  • Remote Support
  • Smart Phone Support & Repair
  • PC / Mac - Apple Repair
  • Consulting
  • IT Solutions
  • training Internet Security

Our knowledgeable staff delivers superior quality and support.

“The Authority for all your technology needs”

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5120 S. Lakeland Drive, Suite 2, Lakeland, FL 33813 ... Tap on the map once to enable zooming.
Add App Icon to Screen

Add App Icon to Screen

To add our App Icon to your Smartphone for instant access to this site ... follow the directions below:

iPhone & iPod-Touch

(Before Starting Step 1, Go to the Home Page of this Mobile Site)

  1. Select "Add To Home Screen" and click "Save".
  2. Our icon should appear on your home screen.
  3. Click icon to launch app.
(Before Starting Step 1, Go to the Home Page of this Mobile Site)

  1. Click on bookmark symbol and select "Add Bookmark". When done, click HOME symbol.
  2. From your home screen tap any blank area until the "Add To Home Screen" menu appears (or select the bookmark widget from your app tray and drag to your screen, selecting the book club website you bookmarked).
  3. Tap on Shortcut until the "Select Shortcut" menu appears.
  4. Tap on Bookmark until your list of bookmarks appear.
  5. Select this site. Our icon should appear on your home screen.
Other OS
Bookmark this page and follow system instructions for adding icon to your home screen.

iPad App
  1. Go to Home Screen
  2. Enlarge screen with fingers to desired view;
  3. Click the Plus button or (icon) and select....